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“Discipleship Lessons” 
  • Chapter 2 ~ Initial Recovery [Transformation]
The purpose of these lessons is more than just merely freeing a person from their dependency on drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors. It is to bring people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ, and to help them become spiritually healthy disciples of Jesus.

There are 50 Biblical lessons with PDF outlines and MP4 videos.  Viewing the video before you prepare to teach in your meeting will encourage you and provide fresh insight into the Scriptures as they relate to addiction. 

The lessons have a logical sequence that builds upon the previous lessons. 
And [Jesus] said to them, 
“Go into all the world and preach 
the gospel to every creature.”  
~Mark 16:15 NKJV
May our Lord richly bless you as 
you study and obey His Word!
“One Step To Freedom” curriculum provided by “The Most Excellent Way Christian Fellowship” with permission.